I finished recording my first ever song. It's on my profile, entitled "Indigo." It's an instrumental piece. Please give me a crit. C4C.


I recorded it using Line 6 Toneport.
All instruments wer played by me and the drums were generated with dfh Toontrack Ez Drummer software.
"On this life that we call home
The years go fast
and the days go so slow...

the days go so slow
Hey there
I think the drums need quite a bit of work as they are often completely out of synch with the music. The same goes for the bass for much of it as well.
You've got the guitar panned too far left i think, and theres not really anything to balance it on the right.
Your playing is quite good, so aside from the obvious limitations (which i share!) of your recording setup i'd say whats needed is a little cohesion. ie. tighter song structure, smoother segues between different parts.

But for a first recording dude theres definite potential!

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