For some reason, when I play an individual note around the 12-15 fret region on my guitar (generally with distortion), I'm gettin a weird strained sound rather than the note ringing out like a regularly distorted note. It almost sounds as if the note is bleeping rather than ringing clearly. I don't get this effect (or atleast it isn't audible) when I play through any other pickups than the bridge pickup. I already tried cleaning my strings off, cleaning my fretboard, and sanding the frets.

P.S. I just noticed that it sounds alittle strainy on several areas of the high E string, but it's mostly noticeable between 12-15. Help? Hopefully it's not my shitty amp (Line 6 spider III 15w) or my pickup. (I play on an epiphone LP standard)
Are you using any pedals?
Because, sir, if it's not your amp and it's not your guitar, What do you think it could be?
might be a buzzing fret, they're alot more audible with distortion, and when you play through the bridge, it amps up the treble, so it might ring out more than other pickups. press down the fret, and see if it touches another fret anywhere further up the neck.
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No, im not using any pedals. It may be a buzzing fret, it looks like the string is coming pretty close to the fret immediatly after the fret that is first touching the string. What should I do to solve this? Sandpaper harder?
You really shouldn't be sanding your own frets y'know...you've probably made it worse.
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I lightly sanded them awhile ago, hasn't gotten better or worse. Suggest what I should be doing though. And I'm not positive its even a buzzing fret because the bleeping noise occurs at many spots on the High E and even at some spots on the B, its just subtle compared to around 12-15.