Ive played guitar for about a year and a half, and I recently got an offer to purchase a Slammer CP4 Chaparral Bass with a bag, korg tuner, and amp chord for 50 dollars. The bass was in good shape, the neck might be slightly warped (its bowed a little), but not horribly bad.

But anyway, is there a website for bass (Like justinguitar.com for guitars) that I can learn from? Free lessons
I took guitar lessons, but bass is so so different (obviously)
Lessons are definitely the prime choice to learn a new instrument but if you can't afford that then books or websites will help. I don't know about websites but I always use the "Standard of Excellence" book when giving lessons to people just starting on bass, different people will have a different say but in my opinion that book is really helpful.

There are better lessons on the main part of this site. In the bass section there are a few called "Bass Lesson 1" "Bass Lesson 2" etc that will fill you on the main ideas of what playing bass is all about. I went through them all when I first started and they really helped.

Im actually going through them again now as a refresher and to learn the things i didnt uderstand before.