Poll: Which band name do you like more(/think is less worse)?
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View poll results: Which band name do you like more(/think is less worse)?
17 35%
Dead on Arrival
12 25%
Neither. never make a name again.
19 40%
Voters: 48.
My main question is how close are you to your bandmates. Are they more like your best friends or like people you work with? Do you find it better to be really close to your band mates or to have a good relationship but sort of keep your best buds out of the picture?

oh and btw I'm putting a band together and I have come up with these two names Mammoth and Dead on Arrival
Do you like one over the other?
Or do you hate them both?
Thanks, and sorry about not putting this little bit in the band name thread, i just wanted to make one post today.
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Well my band is my brother so we are very close obviously. However, we do hang out quite a bit, but it is good to keep yourself distant for the most part. In my case, when we both live two different ways and see two different things we get more ideas for music. Also think about if you were on tour, you would get sick of each other by the 4th show, so you don't need to hang out with your band all the time anyway haha
The band I was in, all the members were my friends before they even became musicians, so our practices were more like hanging sessions with some music.

As for the name thing, not a fan of either.
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my band mates have always been really close friends of mine. as for the names, they both seem "done" to me. like i could walk down thw street and find some one whos been in a band with either of those names.
My band members are some of my good friends, which is good in the way that we get along, but also is a problem because now I have to find out how to fire one of my friends. (band issues)

And my vote goes toward Mammoth
For band name, I like Mammoth.

For the main question, usually band members end up being good mates anyway, so as long as the band work well together it really doesn't matter.
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My best friend is my bass player, and our "practice" consists of playing about 5 minutes, then going swimming in his pool. So that depends on how serious the two of you are about working.
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i think those are pretty good, but they also sound used to me
Maybe think of something a little more edgy and creative

kind of like your username..PoundCakeJay? wtf haha
it doesn't matter whats easier for you it still, belongs in te ONLY BANDNAME STIKY...ONLY
or it wouldn't have been made.

and im pretty good friends with my band.
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Viscara (my band)
My frontman is my best mate, got really close to the drummer over the past year and a half, never really spoke to the guitarist before the band but now we're cool buds.

If you can't make friends with them, you're not gonna survive band practice/touring/long car journeys.

Yes, we have arguments and there are some real personalities in the band but it's helped us develop as much as it's hindered us.

PS Mammoth ftw!

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Half of my band are great friends of mine from High School, and our new rhythm guitarist is a guy I met in college. I find that its easier to disagree with him and not worry about things, where as the other two I feel like I have to worry more about them being pissed off when I have to tell them that I don't like a song idea or something.
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Dead On Arrival is a FOB song, sorry if this has been mentioned before.

Might run into some confusions.
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As far as the name is concerned, this is Mammoth, a band put together by ex Gillan bassist John McCoy and ex Samson (Bruce Dickinson's previous band to Iron Maiden) vocalist Nicky Moore. They had a major UK hit with a song called 'Fatman'.

After the acrimonious split of Gillan in 1982, the charismatic bearded John McCoy (bass guitar; 19 stone) recruited session musicians 'Tubby' Vinnie Reed (drums; 22 stone), 'Big' Mac Baker (guitars; 24 stone) and Nicky Moore (vocals; 20 stone and 5'6") for his solo project.
Mammoth toured with Whitesnake and Marillion and were generally well-received by fans, although a near-disastrous incident in Leeds meant that the band had to request a specially reinforced stage at all future gigs, due to the concentrated pressure of some 1200 pounds1, plus jumping-up-and-down allowance.
Call yourselves Mammoth and you run the risk of having many people turning up to your gigs only to be disappointed to find out it's not the same band that they thought they were going to see.

Relationship wise, you're band should be somewhere between best mates and family. You may fall out occasionaly but you'll stick up for each other through thick and thin. When you start gigging regularly and start touring, you're gonna find yourselves stuck together in a van for very long periods of time, so you have to get along really well or there will be huge bust ups.
Really, a band relationship should be based on give and take, it's a constant struggle for compromise.
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My band and I are very close friends now, it kind of had to build up though.

At first it was kind of awkward for me because I didn't know them very well and they'd been best friends for a long time. We started a little more than a year ago and we played 5 shows at our school, one other schools BOTB and a sweet 16. But once school ended and summer started I found myself over there everyday and now we do everything together, I couldn't ask for better friends/band mates. We've since played three out-school (venue) shows, and three parties and two more school shows and are recording our first EP in a week. We've never argued, we're all very positive and it's pretty obvious if something isn't working. We're all really anti-conflict guys. We DO have sarcastic fights all time though.