I had some guitar tech install a burstbucker pro set (passive pickups) in my PRS SE Custom. They sound great, but the volume on the bridge pickup will fade down to nothing and eventually die after maybe 10 minutes of playing (had it going for as long as an hour, and as little as a minute). If I leave the guitar for a few hours it's fine again.

I returned it and he claimed it was the jack socket that was at fault, and replaced it. But it still happens. What could cause this? I don't know any techs that could look at this without charging me so I want to narrow it down. Could the pickup be the problem? Soldering? Help!

PS: The tech that swapped them out is a friend of a friend so I never dealt with him directly - and neither of them experienced the problem. I have 4 other guitars here, and it doesn't happen to any of them, and didn't happen to the PRS one before the pickups were swapped

Cheers for any help
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In my opinion it could be either the pickup itself or somethins wrong with the way it was installed
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