i have tried programming drums on garageband and it just does not sound how i want. i have tried to get a free software for drums on mac but cant seem to find one. now im considering a drum machine. will that help in anyway? any other software? im using garageband if that helps
you just need a good sample pack, try to find the samples that roland use for their electric drums.
just get a drummer, once you're done with him, he can be recycled, thats the great thing about drummers they're disposable
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So we had a music battle, copying what each other did and upping the ante and whatnot. After awhile of going nowhere, I said to the pianist "let's see you do this, asshole" played a single note... and bent it up a step. And left.
what exactly is it that you dont like about the way the drums are??

theres a few things to be considered, first you'll need a good set of samples. also, to avoid a stiff, machine-gun sound you'll need to adjust the velocity and timing of the notes, especially the velocity.

if ya want a good set of samples, send me a PM with your E-mail address and the genre you are doing and i'll sort ya out.