So.. I'm about to tab In Flames - Cloud Connected, but i can't figure what tuning it is. Some say it's A# some say it's C Standart.

So, what tuning should i tune down to (currently in standart E) and how do i tune it down XD. 6th (thickest) is? 5th is? and so on.
Them fancy tuners would be great :P. But i don't know what the strings are in A#
Definitely get a chromatic tuner, mine's a tuner/metronome that cost me $30. And I think the tabs here say Drop A#, but I (and they) could be wrong.
. . . . . as for tuning to it, just hit your A string on the first fret and loosen the E string until it reaches that tone. Then match your D string to it, then retune the A string to the pitch found at the seventh fret of your low E string. . . . then you should know the drill.

EDIT: guy down at the bottom is right it is C F A# D# G C . . . . so third fret A string to get your low E note. . . . sorry.
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Cloud Connected is in C Standard.

Anything off their early albums is in C standard, too. There's 1 or 2 songs on Reroute to Remain that are in drop A#, and basically everything from Sountrack to Your Escape, Come Clarity and A Sense of Purpose are in drop A#
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You're welcome
Thanks a lot matx33! I'll remember that for further In Flames playing .