So, I've been lookin around in some sites for a guitar that would just fit my playing style/musical tastes...and i was thinkin about ESP's LTD F-2E (ain't it pretty?)

Basicly, my hand is small but i can stretch my fingers through a considerable amount of frets, so i would prefer a thin neck. I mostly play metal and hard rock, so i want a good sound for distortion and clean play...

Floyd rose tremolo is a must also...

And if it isnt askin too much, i wouldnt like to pay much for the goddamned guitar.

Thanks for the help dudes/duddetes!!
a schecter would be good for you, they are pretty cheap and they play really well
Now what exactly is your price range?

The obvious answer is an Ibanez S320 as the cheapest option (500$), higher priced Ibanez, Jackson, ESP or Ltd guitars are also nice. Be picky when it comes to double locking trems, some of the licensed Floyds are pretty bad. And there is not a guitar on the market that I know of which has a good Floyd under 500$.
Personally I love my S470. I do wish I could find something like that with smaller frets though, as I too have little girl hands.
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**** yeah to the s series

they rock

Only with small hands yeah the big frets could be bad orr something But, i personaly wouldnt know because i have pretty large hands
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I think ill opt for the S320...it has a pretty nice sound, looks good, feels good...and it is just what i needed in terms of money...this way ill have more to spend on a decent amp...any ideas btw? since i know nothing about amps...

Thanks guys!
Good choice on the s320
i just got one and the trem rocks
The pickups however could be better bu thats an easy fix right
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
the pickups aren't bad for the price...they actually pretty good...perhaps ill change them for some kirk hammet 85/81...not sure yet...

But the s definitly seems perfect for any kind of music...just need to pick a decent amp now.

Thanks again!