I need a program that i can either play guitar or not and get a heavy guitar distortion out of. I m not talking about something like guitar pro. I'm trying to work with Cubase and get plug ins to work on it but that has been proven unsuccessful so im trying to look for a program that like a DIY death metal band would use to just program some guitar parts in their songs
no im talking about like a guitar plug in that will make a good heavy guitar sound as a product
If you want to plug a guitar into a computer and run FX and amp models from software you will want an interface and some type of audio software such as Amplitube.

If you want to use some MIDI programs to model guitar sounds youll want a sequencer such as Sonar, a controller (usually in keyboard format), and a virtual guitar synth plugin...or a hardware synth in its place but then you need an interface to feed the audio into.

If you want to record your amp, you need to play your guitar as normal but use a mic such as the Shure SM57 and run that into an audio interface. Recording will be done with a sequencer such as Sonar or Cubase.

The line6 Toneports such as the GX and UX1 are low in price but only 1.1 USB connected and they dont sound as good as other interfaces which you can get for a little more money.

The PreSonus Inspire is a very popular start due to its price and vista compatibly. The Mackie Onyx Satellite is even better but only runs on Vista. Both are Firewire connected so they are fast and multi-track well.

It sounds like you are looking for an amp/FX modeling software and interface combo. The Toneports feature this but you get the cons that I listed above.
theres a few good freeware amp sims out there,
best for metal is Dirthead. frankly though the best ones are all comercial software.

the new Revalver MkIII is fantastic.
Amplitube, Guitar Rig and Revalver are the three names you want to be looking out for.

The Simulanalog Guitar Suite is a basic but decent-sounding freeware vst which is the quickest way to get started, more info here: http://www.simulanalog.org/guitarsuite.htm
Their JCM800 simulation could get close to what you're looking for. Maybe get a convolution reverb software like the freeware 'SIR' and download some guitar cab impulses to get a realistic close-mic'd sound.
^Moody, did you mean it DOESN'T work on Vista?

And TS, what problems did you have originally? Couldn't get it to work, or couldn't get the right tone ?
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