Ernie ball makes bending a little easier and D'Addario are cheaper and last longer, in my experience.
I like d'addario much much more than ernie ball. they seem to rust very fast.
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They're both really good brands.
I use D'addario EXL115 strings a lot.
But I've tried Ernie Ball strings and really like how they feel.

They're so cheap you could buy both and like AztecStatue said try them
D'Addario are brighter and last longer.

Ernie Ball aren't as bright and are more elastic (and also rust faster)

Try both and choose whatever you like. I like D'Addario better, but that's just my opinion.
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ernie ball
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I used to be an Ernie ball purist. I would only use Ernie ball strings on all my guitars, usually .09's on my V, .10's on the Warlock. I just got a set of the d'addario .09's and they are ****ing amazing on the V. They are so clear, bright, crisp, and just sound soooooo awesome. I dont know baout how long they last but definitely a big sound difference. I still like Ernie ball but D'addario has my pick for right now.
i use nothing but D'adderio XL 10's on all of my guitars, my one Schecter is in drop C, the other is in Eb standard, and the other is in Drop D.

Every so often i change up the tunings, and they work fine.

Ernie Ball strings, IMO are very bright, streaky, and kinda annoying.
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I just dont like any brand of strings that hasn't been environmentally sealed at factory. which basically rules out all brands except D'Addarios.

Something about the strings corroding since day one makes me sad as some strings might sit on shelves for months at the small places im forced to frequent.

Rotosounds are the most annoying since I live 10 miles from the factory and all the sets iv bought have never lasted more than a month before being dead to my ears.
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Quote by xlovehatex212
i was wondering which was better to put on my Schecter C-1 hellraiser for constant tuning change.

man, used to be a D'addario user.....

now I would suggest....Kerly Sinister strings.....there AWESOME for tuning down!!
I can't really contribute, 'cause ideally you should just try both and see what works best. But you shouldn't make large sudden changes in tuning often. If you're doing like E, Eb, D you should be ok. But if you're going E>C>A>Eb you're asking for trouble.
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Try 'em both to see which ones feel best to you, that's the only way to really know. Personally, I hate Ernie Balls though, they would always snap on me after 2-3 weeks. I'm personally an avid DR or Dean Markley Blue Steel user myself. D'Addarios are pretty good strings though.