cant you just turn it into an mp3 and post it on you're profile ?

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Can anyone tell me what C4C/ crit for crit means?
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damn dude its quite awesome to be honest, Except i missed a major thing Right on the spot where i thought there was gonna be a grand and master solo (at the interlude) there wasnt one.

That bothered me a little, cause its a spot where you can really burst out in a solo !
really interesting, innovative tuning (at least for me) and a great main riff, maybe the parts are repeating themselves a bit too much but if you have lyrics that fit than its ok, overall its a 10/10 i would love a solo also.the only thing that bothers me is the chorus fills that may vary a bit more, just a little bit some bends/other notes(apart from the 18 (D) ) , but it sounds good even this way. youll make some money with this if you get it out
wow, this is so good dude. solo would be amazing, i could definately hear it wanting to burst out at the interlude, but it didnt come. regardless... 10/10
dude thats like a 9/10

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I wasn't a massive fun of the drums in the intro or the main riff, the constant splash and snare kinda distracted from the mellower introduction. The guitar and bass however was pretty much flawless and I really liked the rest of the song. As has been stated earlier I was kind of expecting some sort of cool solo. On a kind of side note, this song would sound awesome with some sequencer synth going on the back ground of the interlude, kinda hard to do in GP but something that might be worth thinking about.

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Loved it. Great main riff, great chorus (I like the one repeating chord, very underutilized idea), and great bass (especially in the verse). My only complaint is the drum opening. I think maybe you should have just your guitar(s) at first, then gradually fade in the drums and other guitar, and maybe make the intro a few fewer measures. Definitely give some time to show the riff alone, it really kicks ass. Great great stuff.
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