1. Screw Driver
2. Duck Tape
3. Peice of wood large enough to hold all of your pedals (e.x. Keyboard holder on a computer desk)
5. (optional) small plastic box to hold picks
6. (optional) Picks

Okay first I started out by looking through my house to find a peice of wood to hold 6 pedals. I looked and saw a Keyboard holder on my computer desk that I didn't use so I took it off the rack.

Then I took off the rack mounts the let it roll back and forth on the rack. Then I Layed Down 2 rows of duck tape so the pedals wouldn't slide on the wood. And then I just put 2 of my pedals on for an example and noticed that they fit nicely and it is easy to use.


Finished Product:


And Thats all Feel Free to comment and make suggestions
How do your pedals stay on the board? That tape isn't double sided....

Cool idea though!
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I originally thought it wouldn't do anything and just add color and i was going to do mre if needed but yeah it sticks i dont know how but it does.
yeah i was looking in the sweetwater summer catalog i got and online and looked at the prices of pedalboards and was like... I could easily make one. I'm going to get a power stick (extention cord) and I'm going to mod it on to the board and plug in the ac adapters if i cant find batteries or if I'm using my recording equipment.

i'm immature. anyway, sweet build. i plan on building a new one soon
Yeah making one is much easier than buying one. and I didn't even notice the 69 haha. Thats my distortion setting on that pedal.