Hey guys, im thinking of getting a pedal for Xmas but im stuck between a
TS9DX (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-TS9DX-Turbo-Tube-Screamer-Effects-Pedal-100447470-i1124252.gc)
a regular TS9 (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-TS9-Tube-Screamer-Effects-Pedal-100314845-i1124251.gc)
and a Tube King (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-TK999HT-Tube-King-High-Voltage-Tube-Distortion-Guitar-Pedal-150461-i1383164.gc)

I play rock, blues, and on occasion a bit a metal (a real tiny bit). I'd like to get a good brit rock sound for riffing (jimmy page); hot scorching high-gain solos like that of randy rhoads; mellow sounds of mark knopfler, rich distortion of slash, versatile sounds of neal schon, metal sounds of metallica, etc...

so yeah, gimme your opinions and please tell me if the extra $10 of the TS9DX compared to the TS9 is worth it.

im also getting a marshall ministack ms-4 for myself. would it be possible for me to run any of the above pedals into the ms-4 without seeing any smoke?

NOTE: im not interested in knowing which pedal is better for the money.

Thanks in advance
MS-4? Are you kidding? For the price of the Marshall + Ibanez pedal get a Vox AD15VT or a micro-cube. Much better sounds and quality. Seriously, I own the MS-4, it is fine for transporting when you say want to play whilst away from home, but it really is more of a gimmick.
I think new amp. Overdrive usually doesn't work too well with solid state amps, and I personally think the overdrive/disortion on Marshall solid states is too fizzy.

But to answer your question: I think the TS9DX is supposed to be a little hotter and more have more gain than the regular TS9, so it could probably suit you better. I have no experience with the Tube King.

EDIT: Why can't you play the Squier amp at night? It has a headphone jack, and 15 SS watts isn't THAT loud.
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i have that 15 watt amp that comes with the squier starter kit thing (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier-by-Fender-Stop-Dreaming--Start-Playing-Affinity-Strat-HSS-with-Bullet-150-DSP-Amp-512576-i1174771.gc)

@ AdamDK - yeah i just wanna buy it cuz its pretty cool. im not looking for supreme sound out of it but yeah.. just something that i can play at night.

In that case I stand by what I said, Vox or Roland. 10x better than the MS-4 AND your Squier amp, and it has a headphone jack.
Then there's no point getting either of those pedals - just get a decent practice amp with a headphone output.

A pedal isn't going to make much difference through your current practice amp, certainly not a subtler pedal like a tubescreamer - they only do what you're wanting them to do through an already overdriven tube amp.

nd those Marshall mini amps are just plain crap.

They are not "cool". They are crap.
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The Picker got it right with the pedals.

TS, PLEASE do NOT get the mini stack. It's awful. And honestly those pedals aren't worth it. I second the suggestion of a Vox AD15VT.


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im a lazy person. my mom hates the loudness. the marshall ms-4 i tried the other day suprised me - i didnt think that solid states could be overdriven. thanks on the ts confusion
You will probably get about $20 for trading it in. Not worth it.


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alright... should i look into those cheap tube amps with 1 knob for volume?
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so i should like trade in my squier amp and get the vox?

For the price you were willing to pay for a Tubescreamer + MS-4 you'll have enough for the Vox. If not then yes, trade it to get extra cash.
alright thanks. ill check out the vox as soon as i get IE7... stupid site..