Hey guys,
My brother rewired his epi les paul with the jp wiring mod for coil tapping and phase/series switching but he has one problem with it I can't figure out.
He used this diagram...Irongear Rolling Mills pickup in the neck, Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge -

I checked all the wires and they are exactly as the diagram says. The guitar plays fine, no humming or anything except the neck pots seem to be working for the bridge pick up and the bridge pots seem to be operating the neck pickup. The pickup wires are connected to the correct pots, but something must be crossed up here? The phase switching doesnt sound quite right either but it's probally just my ears.

Could really use a second opinion . Theres no guitar shops to take it to around here, so I have to help him work it out himself.

Any ideas?
1: Take the knobs and the back plate off.
2: Without undsoldering, unscrew your pots and switch them over.
Easy enough.
Pretty much, what i'm saying, just change the pots position.
i've got the back plates off, but when i flip the toggle switch to the neck pickup , it's the actual bridge pot that is controlling the volume and tone, i dont care that much if it was in the wrong position on the body of the guitar thats easy to switch around, but shouldnt the neck volume pot control the neck volume? and the bridge volume pot control the actual bridge volume, and so on?
Have you checked the pickups. Put your switch in the bridge position and tap the bridge pickup. If theres no sound tap the neck pickup. If your switch is in the bridge position and your getting sound from the neck position, your switch is the wrong way.

You say the neck pickups pot it controlling the bridge pickup and vise versa, why does it have to be the neck pickups pot. If its controlling the bridge pickup then its the bridge pickup pot. If you'd rather have the bridge pickups volume where the neck pickups volume pot is just unscrew them and switch them around.

If you don't understand, just re wire the pickup to the opposite pot.