I'd like the space and funds to go towards new gear.

I have a complete strat setup here:

Alder body (3 piece).
Scratchplate loaded with fully working electronics. SSS, 2 volumes, master tone.
Strat neck with tuners. (Maple w/ Rosewood fretboard, 22frets)
Can chuck in a set off brand new 10s or 11s

Can sell as a whole guitar or in parts.


A pair of brand new grover straplocks, not even used.


BC Rich black 3x3 machine heads.

Make me an offer!

I'd happily accept the following trades:

Zakk wylde signature wah
EH Metal Muff
Morley Power wah or Tremonti wah

Can supply pics upon reguest.
I'm fairly certain its a squier, you can breifly make out a squier style font on the headstock where it's been presumably sanded.

I wouldn't mind a trade or cash, how much you reckon?
Don't take me too seriously.

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What color are the straplocks?
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Quote by souperman08
What color are the straplocks?

Don't take me too seriously.

Live Life