This is a good condition Line 6 Pod XT guitar amp and effect modeler. This item is in good condition and is in perfect working order. It has never been gigged and has only been used in my home office. The FBV4 pedal is also in perfect condition and has never been gigged. Both were purchased brand new by me (adult owned.) The item comes complete with ac adapter, and USB connection cables.

The unit is fully up-to-date with all the latest drivers and firmware, and has been reset to all the factory patches/tones (so you'll be getting an item setup just as it was from the manufacturer, but with the most up-to-date software as of 10/25/2008.) Future updates are easily applied by downloading the new (free) "Line 6 Monkey" updater from Line 6.

The Pod XT unit itself AND the FBV4 4 button controller are for sale together for $250 (I paid over $475.) You’ll be getting a good condition Pod XT unit and the aftermarket foot controller for less than the price of a new Pod XT!

I will consider selling separately.

* Included in the package: Pod XT unit
* Mint condition FBV4 controller pedal (with illuminated channel indicators.)
* AC power cord
* USB device cable
* Original heavy duty black RJ-45 foot controller connector

I am also very open to trades. Let me know what you have got.

***Boxes are not included***