Please check out our band
We have some cool new stuff up on our myspace
Please give comments about the songs
maybe list them from favorite to least favorite please, that would be cool

please comment! THANK YOU!
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Worlds--Really cool little section, i like the riffs, and it has a big shoegazer quality to it with the tones and effects. however, some of the transitions are a bit
Colored lines- simliar feel, i like it
Melted- Really nice jazzy feel
Tres-REally nice acoustic type riffage, reminds me of some porcupine tree-like stuff, and theyre my favorite band.
Thanks for your comment
i think you didnt finish a sentence
some of the transitions are a bit...
I listened to Worlds we haven't met.

I liked the overall feel of the song. I think it ended to soon though haha. Some of the little lead bits in the middle sound kinda rushed. Think they would sound better mellowed out and more flowing. Overall i liked it. Definitely something i would listen to while relaxing.
Sound cool, i like them as instrumentals, kind of reminds about buckethead! Sounds cool and you really have som great ideas! C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=981578
Ok, listened to Worlds, Colored Lines, and Parody:

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure where you're going with this. I admit, since your band was listed as having vocal and drums, I was waiting to find something with them in it.

These sound like recordings of ideas you're trying to come up with rather than finished products. If I'm mistaken, please don't take offense, but that's how they come across.

I suppose since I'm more of a regular rock n roll guy and not sure I'm understanding your project's intentions, the most I can say in terms of something constructive is I'd would just watch the interactions between the instruments. It sounds like each guy playing had a plan on where he was going, but wasn't necessarily LISTENING and reacting to the guy next to him.

It's basically the complaint I have about the bass player I'm working with now.

(Shh! Don't tell him, he'd get all pissy!)
    thanks for the crit.........

    i listened to 1-3 listening to 4 now...

    i agree with sugapablo about them sounding like ideas but i get your direction.... you've pretty much got the tone of incubus, the titles really are the most intriguing thing here tho, and i think so much could be done not only vocally and percussively that it's really not justice to judge it in this format... kind of like the look alive cd... full of great , yet untapped ideas
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    i like it

    listened to worlds we haven't met, colored lines and accunpucture for two

    the songs have feeling, something i consider important; its not about doing the hardest of riffs or solos. there's some simplicity while not sounding basic.

    but yeah like others have said, these sound like ideas, experiments. but they're good experiments IMO. good job
    Worlds we Haven't met: Sounds great , awesome vibe to it and sounds well mixed. I like it!

    Coloured Lines: Again, sounds cool. mellow to start then kicks in nicely.

    Sounds like some cool ideas you guys have going there. I also noticed we have a few similar musical influences. Thanks for checking mine out.

    Thank you all for your insight!
    Yes, these are more of ideas than finished songs. i record them myself with a line 6 guitar port and i show to my other band mates to see what they think of it

    @jayr123guitar- i looked at your my space, great music, really cool stuff. We do have a few similar influences, such as mars volta. I think you would love mike einziger of incubus, check out End.Vacuum, its a orchestral composition by him that reminds me of your spacey kind of music.

    once again, thanks all!
    thanks for the crit dude

    Nice tone, nice ideas, recording quality is pretty good too. It's certainly nice to hear some proggy stuff that doesnt feel like it needs to go on for 8 minutes (or more)! You've said yourself they are more concepts than fully-fledged songs, so I'd really like to hear them fleshed out and with some vocals! Seems like maybe you could combine some of these pieces into longer progressive pieces.
    i like some of the clean riffage in your songs very kool, but some of the guitars ae sometimes slightly out of tune, but not too noticable, the distortion was a bit fizzy, good song writing, just needs tightened

    thx for crit btw
    Thanks for the crit..sorry for being so late [been away].... Loving the guitar work in World's we haven't met... nice feel to all the songs... it's good to relax and chill out.. they're well layered with different effects.. Melted Igloos is great... overall nice stuff.
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    listening to worlds atm.

    and i gotta agree it sounds more of an idea than a song... tho theres good potential with it. like the composition. gotta say tho the distortion is a bit fizzy... how did u record it? is it with a toneport box or is it an amped mic'ed?

    good playing overall and my fave would probz be melted igloos!