Well i might be buying one of these for $500, supposedly its an original. Um, the guy said it was gigged some, and he isn't TOO sure about the tubes condition, however he says it does play fine only there is a lot of feedback on gain channels. I've read the gain channel on these is inherently noisy, but could there be somethin else major wrong to look out for? I have a boss noise suppressor layin around already i could use to help that. I'll prolly re-tube it when i get it anyhow if that could be the problem. Also, im not really familiar with different brands of tubes, but i would want a tube fitting for this amp as far as good for diff styles of metal, and rock. Any suggestions? Power tubes (6l6's) im speaking of there. Is 500 a good deal for this amp? Also, i have a peavey VK100 head right now, and was curious what you think would be a fair used sale price for it...its in amazing shape, probably 6-7 months old, but never gigged, no knicks or nothin on it. Thanks.
great deal. and when you buy it, i'd get a quick check on the tubes or possibly a tube change

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yea, i was gonna look into new power tubes, might as well....but im not too sure on what to go for, somewhat inexperienced as to what different descriptions ppl use mean, like "saturation" and "more head room" sry still kind of a n00b, haha, but i seen the deal on this and figured it was worth lookin into, keep me from buyin another amp for a whiiile. I was doing some reading and these Tung-sol 6l6s sounded like they are in the ballpark, i would like to be able to do some rock, but also metal like KSE, lamb of god, stuff in that range ( i dont need their EXACT tone obv). just modern metal gain, etc. And would it be recommended to have them biased? I have a guitar amp repair shop real close by, so it wouldnt be a big deal if it should be done.
500 is a good deal. A lot of guys like the JJ6L6, I like the Ruby 6L6 in mine personally. Might want to think about preamp tubes too, that could be causing a lot of the noise if one/some are going microphonic. Another preference deal, but a lot of people recommended JJ for me. I liked the Shuguang in it after trying a bunch, along with a Tung Sol for V1. Generally a consistent low noise tube, which is important in V1.

Whoever you buy the power tubes from, make sure to tell them it's for a 5150, so they can test a hotter set for you. The 5150 generally has a pretty cold bias unless it's been modded. If you have a good tech that won't overcharge, adding an adjustable bias is an easy mod for this amp, and it does wonders. Takes away alot of harshness and fizz as you turn it up, since you can set an ideal bias for the tubes you get.
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thanks for the good advice erock....yea the tube choice gonna be a toss up since im not really familiar with any of them, haha...and i read around on line, and its like i dont know whose typing what they like and if thats just their opinion or what, guess i might just end up tryin a set or 2, and form my own.