One inch of rubber seperates my feet from the pavement
although I wish there was nothing keeping me
from being swallowed into the depths of the earth.
Three sets of ice cold eyes burn with desire to see tears
slip silently from my cheeks and fall to my feet
past fidgety hands forced to stay still.
Wintery wind runs rough fingers along my spine
causing me to retreat further in to my jacket
pleading for some form of intervention to this torture.
Her smile destroys me, pulling the flesh from my bones
as her deciphels bray with laughter,
hungry at the thought of another feast.
She turns her head with a flourish
realizing the school bus has arrived at last.
With one last look of disdain, she pulls her troops away
leaving me to once again
stand alone.

Whew. Haven't posted in about a year. But I was bored today and missing UG, so I decided to crawl back to the S&L forum.
As usual, critique for critique .
The only truly consistent people are dead people.