this guy makes custom switches for amplifiers and has an e-bay store.
i purchased one for my mesa power-amp...but instead of getting what i bought, i just got robbed of $70. no switch.

any one else have problems with this a$$h*le?
i have heard since that he does this to every one...he even changed his seller name on e-bay.
i have filed a report with e-bay against him. if any one else has had trouble doing business with him i'm asking that you come forward and do the same.

this guys going down.
What do you mean? Robbed, as in he didn't ship anything?

I haven't dealt with him.
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aww man...I just payed him $20 for an attenuator for my palomino amp

I've heard of this problem with this guy before, but many people after filing complaints have gotten their pedals almost immediately after complaining.

A lot of people also got their pedals after about a month or so.

Just give it time. The pedals are supposed to be worth it from what I've heard...
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I was there