About three years ago I bought a new mexican standard tele. I have always used cables with 90 degree plugs on the guitar end; however, about a year ago the jack on the guitar has gotten loose and now the plugs on my cables are having trouble staying in. Has this happened to anyone else and is there anything I can do to remedy it?
telecasters are just recessed enough for 90' cables to screw up. I've always used straight just because its screwed up. Use something hard (pliers, or even your fingers) to push the jack tighter. I suggest comparing it with another guitars jack. Maybe a strat if u have one, because its easy to open up. Sorry to tell you to get new cables, but straight will probably keep your jack tight.

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take the jack out... and slightly bend the prong inward
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Loose jack is a common Telecaster problem. I got the Stewart MacDonald jack, and it was an easy quick fix. I didn't even have to use the screws. It's easy to install, it installs in minutes, and it will correct the loose jack.