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How many threads have you reported?

I personally have reported like 5 or something...


Anyone know how to put up a poll after the threads been posted...?
possibly once, but i usually never do
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I've never reported a thread. I only do that if someone seriously threatens by bodily person.

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It didn't seem possible, but apparently Messiah can spam even more now.

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I can see it now. "Dark Thrones and Black People".

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People do it for me so I have reported 0 threads.
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I leave it for the moddabies.

c wut i did tthere?

Lol ya dued.

Im no mod wanne be

a just h8 teh spamx0rs...
Only when something obviously needs reported and nobody else has. I usually don't mention it unless something is particularly annoying.
there's no way of telling how many threads someone has reported, the mods have been asked that (in a 'ask the mods anything' thread).

i'm sure i've reported well over 100 times now.
I was expecting to get
"[insert number] plus one because of this one! naw just messing!"

Lol. Its funny.
like 3 or 4
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I've never reported anything.. i only recently figured out how to. but i never know whether its a reportable offense.. i just leave the thread.
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just a few of my fans..

1 maybe 2

if its a truly stupid thread, other people will do it first
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Like once or twice for completely spam threads and stuff.

I never report for the TS being a noob or just posting the wrong place.

I don't believe in reporting really.

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You better click that bastard.

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1 only
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I have now added 1 to my list of reportation.

Many of you might be pissed at the thread I closed, but it was only spam.
probably around 20 or so.... depends on how pissed i am
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Because this thread has Hitler and being hyper in it here's the fact of the day. Hitler was a meth addict.
I agree with the report system in theory as it's a way of self-moderating, but I can't help imagine the person reporting to be an absolute douche. Unless the thread is very clearly total total spam. Some people are too easily offended. No, i've never reported.

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Reporting threads is for lame-ass backseat modders
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None. I'm not a rule Nazi, and I'm also not an arrogant jerk.
To me:
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In fact, I almost ALWAYS agree with YourDad.

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One of the best replies ever.

In the same thread

Do you love Arsis?
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None. I'm not a rule Nazi, and I'm also not an arrogant jerk.

yo dad what are you doing in here
I want to go as far to the edge without going over. Out on the edge, you can see all kinds of different things.
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