i dont know what to do, im scared, worried, confused and just dont know what to do :S it is really getting me down. me and my girlfriend have been going out for over 2 years now.

problem is ......

i feel like she is kind of pushing me out/ not wanting to speak or see me, that is the kind of impression i get anyway, like on msn she is very quiet and never keeps a conversation wouldnt say that she loves me sometimes and that like if i went "brb love you xxxxx" she would put "ok xxx" but that isnt here. and on the phone she doesnt seem very talkative and doesnt stay on that long because she has to do something but normally we would talk for hours but it is like 5-10 minutes. al this has happened in the past week and im starting to struggle and getting quite down at the fact. she doesnt seem to bothered about me at school either, like she didnt even go to say a proper goodbye on friday when i wernt going to see her over the weekend even possibly through the week off.... i might tuesday though but she doesnt know yet. she has just started getting a little snappy and isnt the nicest as well. like at fall out boy i complimented here and she goes ok your complimenting me too much now. but when i was sitting on a table with al her mates and that my girlfriends mate went on about how her new boyfriend who is my mate complimented her early in their relationship and then my girlfriend basically had a moan at me for not complimenting her ever =S and she just seems to take everything out on me when she isnt in the best of moods because someone has annoyed her. but sometimes she has been ok and it is just giving me mixed signals and it is sending me crazy. btw i am only 15, and if anyone knows what this problem is then please help me i really do need it.

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if anyone knows what this problem is then please help me i really do need it.

You should talk to her and ask her why she's like that..

she doesn't like you anymore

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doing you a massive favour in reporting this thread, you're gonna get flamed, homes. What's more, give her some space, don't be so clingy, and let the relationship mature.
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you also need advice on spelling

its probably that special time of the month

relationship thread

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asked her but she denys anything been wrong and oh didnt know they was a relationship thread.... sorry =/ im a idiot =D

My names Trevor and I hate to say it, but I have a very small penis.
um you're 15 stop whining
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