ok well i want ot learn how to improvise a good solo and i only know 1 scale and thats the minor pentatonic so i was thinking of doing this

1.looking up all the notes on the fretboard

2.learning all the keys in the minor pentatonic

3.get a backing track with certain chord progressions

4. play and add some hammer on and pull off bends and ect

5.just play and see what i get

6. repeat with different scales

any other things i should do to help with improvising solos

oh and i have been self taught for about 10 months and i have only really been doing rythym

EDIT: i mainly want to do this b/c when i just play like to solo i just kind of play like in no key or whatever and i want to restart and do it right so i can get better and play with more feel and some speed
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theres not really a question here. dont rush anything #1
#2 learn some more scales rather than just minor pentatonic, that will really help you.
#3 learn some theory about keys, scales and modes
#4 maybe its best if you learn some cover solos befor tryig out at improv, just to see in which direction u want to go, good improv takes a long time to get right.
#5practice your picking, bending, vibrato, h o/p o, and any other technique u want to use slowly and properly befor using all of them in a shitty attemp, cause they each take a long time to get right and even though u might think a bend sounds very awesome, chances are ur bending in the wrong key or some other crap.
#6 once u feel ur good at all of the techniques and know how to play a few songs (covers or ur own) then its a good idea to start 'messing around' trying to find a solo

maybe its really drawn out but all that stuff takes alot of practice, and u wont get where u want to go if you just practice junk u know-not saying that u are junk, i have never heard u-but just some advice. i hope i helped and anyone correct me if im wrong..