Hiya guys.
So I'm a metal guy, I like playing Lamb of God, Trivium, Tool and stuff like that.
I REALLY wanna work on solo-ing though. I have the patience and determination but I have no idea where to start...
I''ve been practicing the intro part to Scarified by Paul Gilbert, just these parts:
Just the first 4 parts NOT the arpeggio section, its hard...
So I need some advice. How do I start working on solo-ing? I can play the intro fine but the arpeggio section is just WAY too fast! Where do I start guys? I want to be more versatile in my band, not just only playing powerchords and barring stuff.
What should I learn and how often should I practice?
Thanks in advance
Oh btw, I've been playing for like 1 year 6 months ISH.
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Go slow, concentrate on playing cleanly and smoothly rather than speed or sloppily playing a more advanced technique than your hand muscles can properly cope with.

And prepare to not see any results for a long time. It takes years, and by plural 'years' I don't just mean two.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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/\ yup.

Paul gilbert is a true master. But that came with decades of experience. If you listen to his videos he explains how he spent two years playing in this style, then developed for another whatever years to that style, then spent years trying this, and is still learning techniques and tricks.

The arpeggio section is great. Just play it at half speed and cleanly. I find it a fun exercise more than anything else. At full speed, the shreddiness detracts from its nice sound. Let every note ring as long as possible and don't use mountains of gain and it's great.

But, for soloing, there is no substitute for knowledge. Know your scales, know your fretboard.
Thank you for clearing it up guys
Jackson King V KVX10
Line 6 Spider III 75 W.
Peavey 5150/6505 Combo to be owned at the end of 2010.