4ms pedals. I am building the tremulus loon. I found out it was designed by the guys at 4ms. It's not that crazy of a pedal so I decided to see what the have. These guys must be on crack! The link is to their "Look/Listen" section. I can hardly call some of what they do musical. Does anyone here have any experience with there odd ones, namely the nocto loco? It seems like I could get some use out of that one, but they are just too experimental in the videos.

Try out the MXR blue box. It sounds like atari music....
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I already have the Blue Box. I built it with a switch that allows me to choose between 1 or 2 octaves down whereas the orignal is always 2. I like crazy octave downs, but I don't like the POG or HOG. The nocto loco seemed right up my alley, but I wish I could find a better video for it.