Walking along
I noticed a sound
A language older than words
Spoken through trees
through the plants and the breeze
Spoken through tides
through the moon and the rise
Spoken by Rocks
through the chicken and the fox
Spoken by time
through death and feeling alive
Spoken by silence
through the dark and the light
This could be a very good song (if not one already.) It has a good feel to it, I could see this as a mostly intrumental song but the words themselves sound beautiful. A band I know that kind of does this with some of their song is 'Phish." They have a couple songs; like 'Divided Sky,' and 'Mike's Song,' which are just a couple of their songs that do that. But it is also just a pleasent read Keep on Writing
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Cool format. I agree with rovers when he says he could see this being a good song. Keep up the good work!