Im not exactly sure where this should in Guitar website, but it was either here or the pit, and i figured this would be more suitable.

Ok guys, so im not gonna lie. Metal is my main music. But i also love Techno. Im even looking into starting a Group up for it. But my question is, what is a really good program to use to make the music with?

And price doesnt matter, i just need to know whats one of the best programs, and ill somehow manage to get it.

Thanks guys
look at the R&R forum, but Sony Acid pro, fruityloops, abelton live, and protools come to mind.
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real men dont need computers to make techno/electronic music. go get some synths and a drum machine
The best would be to have a korg triton with sick audio interface, and a program like pro tools to control it.]

Which costs about 10 grand and isn't dowloadable, have fun.

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Anyway, I recommend you "aquire" FL-Studios and "find" some of the better vst's and soundfonts. It doesn't have a notation editor (if you must, use guitar-pro and export/import some midi's), but it's still relatively user friendly and light. Personally I can't stand those programs which slow your computer to a snailtrail and are horrendously difficult to use.