Ok. Im in this thing were we have to design a car out of this wood they give us, and race it down this machine.

ok i have a blcoki of wood roughly 8 or 9 inches long and 3 wide,
i have 4 plastic wheels, and 4 wheel axles.

I would attach a pic if i knew how lol.

The rules are Length cant exceed 7"
Width cant exceed 2-3/4"
Overall hieght cant exceed 3"
must only use parts given.

Yea thats it. So im wanting a design That isnt too dificult that i could on my own without too much trouble. I only have like a saw, hammer, screwdrivers, and knives.

Im wanting the fastest design for going down hill as possible. It has to win lol
It's okay, you can tell us you're in boy scouts.
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i made one before

heres pics! only it was for design tech in 9th grade, so the back needed c02

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Your fastest is going to be to get the centre of gravity up front. I think that'll help give it momentum down the hill. And keep the center of gravity as low as possible for stability.

Aerodynamics and shit at suck a slow and small level will do nothing at all...
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