Hey guys,

So i need some help.

I just got an Les Paul, and i've been working with a pos Squier for awhile.
But i have a Digitech RP350 and a Marshall MG100HDFX and when i use my RP350 I'm getting horribly high pitched feedback even if i don't play. My private teacher says its something to do with my EQ but idk what to do to fix this...

Please help ASAP!

In retrospect, i w9ish i would have saved my money, bought individual pedals and a tube amp...
Well, it's not too late, put the mg and the rp350 up on craigslist, use that money to buy a good amp and then save up for pedals later.
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i made the mistake of buying an rp350 as well... terrible product. but if you wanna keep it check the noisegate settings built in, if thats not the problem then check your cables and amp distortions... the digitechs dont work well with amp distortion on top of its distortion, even if its just a wah setting
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in b4 mgs suck

*reported* Don't spam and technically you weren't in b4 since the ts says he wishes he got a tube amp.

TS, I meant to put this in my first post, but here it is. Try reducing treble, turning the gain down and maybe turning the volume down on your guitar. Also standing farther away from the amp or standing to the side should help as well.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Are you sure you dont have the amps gain/overdrive channel selected?
I'm positive that my amp overdrive is not on. I tried messing around with the noisegate and it stopped for a little while. but then came back. but i'm not sure if that's because i might've unplugged it or not. I'll try playing further away, since when i practice with my band it's in a small basement and when i practice at home, i never hear it cause my volume is down to like 1. Hopefully the warranty on both products will let me just return them.

I know this sounds ignorant or what not, but can i gig with only a combo? and what type of combo would you suggest (for mostly prog. metal) within what i might get back for the MG100 which should be 500-600 i'm hoping...
any tube combo with 30 watts or more will be plenty for gigging

i have a 18-watt crate V18 and im pretty sure its loud enough
You can definitely gig with a combo. For that amount I'd look at the b-52 at112 and the randall rg50tc, maybe a valveking, though I think the other two are better. Used you could snag a 5150 combo.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not

i'll have to research those..

hopefully i can talk my parents into letting me sell the Marshall since it was a christmas present.

but kevin, did you mean gain and treble down on the amp head or the RP350?
Either, treble, gain and volume are typically what make amps feedback. If you're using the rp for distortion then I'd make sure to run it on the clean channel.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
yeah, it's possible the feed back is occuring because it you are trying to mix effects with amp effects. The RP series is not that bad, especially if you are just starting out. I would at least sell the MG and start over tho. You can also find used RP250's for $100 so maybe do that instead.

If you keep the RP, download X-Edit, it will make your life easier.