ages: I'm 17, but i'm willing to work with people 14-18 probably. Of course this negotiable, just talk to me about it.

I'm a somewhat experienced lead guitarist. I have good technique and I, for the most part, know what I'm doing. I also have sufficient gear, for myself. I need someone who is good at the drums, bass, to put a band together. you must supply your own gear, but I do have guitar amps (and tons of them) and also guitars if ABSOLUTELY needed, but i'd rather you ahve your own gear.

Drums - not asking too much. Just want someone who can stay on beat and do some cool stuff (I don't know much about drums)

Bass - again, not asking much. I don't want a beginner, you gotta know what you're doing.

As for vocals, I want a guy, but I don't know what to expect, so show me what you got.

I live in the Glenn/Craycroft area of Tucson, by Ft Lowell Park. My vision for the band is just to get a cool band together playing rock/punk/classic rock with original music and to play shows, maybe get somewhere. I can take care of recording if we can get a band together.

I'm not asking much, just wanna get a band together. As for auditions, video is preferred but audio will work. I just wanna talk a bit online before we meet in person.

I've been in a few bands and I've had gigs, and I miss it. Talk with me.

As for practice locations, we can not practice at my house, so i'm imagining that we would practice at th drummers house or bass players, whichever works.

AIM is slash42x , yahoo is d3viouster, and if you wanna call/text, then message me.