I really want tabs for these songs, I can pay through Paypal. Here are the songs I'm looking for:

Dead Kennedys - A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch
Dead Kennedys - Riot
Dead Kennedys - I Am The Owl
Bad Religion - Skyscraper
Bad Religion - The Gray Race
Bad Religion - Struck A Nerve

I don't know how much tabs go for, so post how much you want for a song or the whole lot. I don't post on the site much, but I'm not looking to scam anyone. I'm willing to do a half tab half payment deal if you really want to. Oh, and bass included please.

Also, the tabs must be in Power Tab format and they must be accurate. Post or send me a PM if you're interested. You can also hit me up on AIM - Alkaline388.

Thanks =)
Use the tab request feature and most likely it will be done for free.
Wow, wow, wow...dude, hold up.
You don't have to pay for tabs...there's no point! If you dig around you can easily compile a tab for each song yourself for free if there isn't one already, paying for a tab sounds like a ridiculous prospect. A lot of the stuff i listen to and want to learn is really quite obscure to most people so there are no tabs anywhere for most of them, but that stuff there will be all over the net, just look harder!

"I have seen the dark universe yawning
Where the black planets roll without aim,
Where they roll in their horror unheeded,
Without knowledge or lustre or name."
I've looked. There's nothing too helpful. That's why I'm paying. I've used the Tab Request feature before and no one responded. I really don't mind paying, I have some cash to spend.