ive recently bought a gibson sg faded and i want to puta set of emgs in it. i saw this listing on ebay of someone with the same guitar with emgs in but he had to ducktape his control cover down because the new controls stuck out

has anyone had this problem or did he have a shit guitar guy.
i saw that some sg used to come stock with emgs were they thicker than normal ones
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If you're talking about the controls (volume, tone) then yes the ones that come with the set don't fit, but they sell special ones for gibson (just the pots)
hope this helps
EMG makes long shaft pots for arch top guitars (like a Les Paul) and short shaft pots for other guitars. They must have used the long shaft pots in that SG because my friend has a Gibson SG with EMG's and they fit with no problems at all.

EDIT: If you want the EMG 81 & 85 set get the Zakk Wylde set it comes with a set of each type of pots (long and short). You for sure get the ones you need that way.
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I know that you want EMG's. But before you spend your money on those, consider Seymour Duncans. I have a Gibson SG Standard and I replaced the original p/us with a Duncan JB in the bridge and a Duncan 59 in the neck. It sounds amazing. I've tried EMG's before and didn't care for them. They sound sterile and lifeless. Besides, why would you want a pickup that runs on a battery?
Quote by seth's daddy
...Besides, why would you want a pickup that runs on a battery?
See, there is your problem.

You only ran them on a single battery
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And, the pickup doesn't run on the battery (ies).

The Active Preamp that Cancels Hum does.