The key to shred is to learn the licks 1st (at a slow speed), to get used to the notes and where your fingers are gonna go. Then, slowly speed it up til you get it to the speed you want it.

Hint: Don't try to match Yngwie Malmsteen. He's too fast for any1 but himself. Forget bout goin to 300bmp w/ those 16th notes (or watever the **** he does). Try for, say, 200bmp or maybe even 180bmp.
This is true. But there was more than the song than the last solo. Any comments on the song itself haha?
I dont think its all that much of a fail, except for the last minute which sucked, no offense.
I think its a cool song up to that point. reminds me of pink floyd up until the shred. Pretty good guitar work up to the shreding as well. I would just work on making those melodic riffs and the begining a little more advanced with out shreding. I like the first 2 and a half minutes.

C4C Please:
Not bad. The shred towards the end could use some improvement. I liked the clean stuff at the start. It set a good atmosphere. Keep at it!
edgy meems only friendo :^)