So. What is the difference between these two guitars? I hear good things about Agile, yet it being an "outside" guitar, I'm apprehensive. Just what is so good about it? Especially comparing the AL3000 or AL3100 and the Epi LP Custom for Punk, Alternative, Pop Punk, and Indie. Thanks!
The differences are, the Agile has a slightly more rounded body with a shorter stubbier 'horn' (cutout), while the Epi has the 'real' body shape. The Epi has 18:1 Grover tuners and a locktone bridge, the Agile has more standard generic Chinese copy hardware. The Epi's neck is also slightly thinner at the lower frets.

Both are made in the same factory, so you know.

Generally the Epi is a slightly better instrument for most people (mostly thanks to the better stock hardware), but the Agile will cost significantly less, and the money you save ont he Agile could be spent upgrading the hardware anyway. So really it comes down to if you want the 'real' body shape and a slightly slimmer neck, or if you can live witht he 'fatter' body of the Agile and you want an ever-so-slightly thicker neck.
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Agile. Oh, also, MrFlibble, the Agiles have the Grover tuners. But yeah, the agile is a better deal, just spend the money upgrading the hardware to tonepros or something.
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um sorry but the hardware on an agile is much better. Much more care in the hardwaring and neck. plus the stock pickups are alcino pro 2's and im pretty sure the epi's pickups are generic ceramic pickups
got an agile...great guitar
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