I'm looking for some way to do the T-Pain-esque autopitch as a joke on some recordings of mine. I currently use audacity. What's a free audacity plugin or something similar for another free program i could use? Thanks.
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i dont believe its a joke i think you want to be gangsta. donno i know there is a free one and you just put it on unison and it does it with tweaking.
I dunno offhand, but 50 e-points if you record yourself going "KONVICT, KONVICT!"

Or just do a cover of Crank Dat
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search for Antares Auto Tune on google
Theres a cracked VST Plugin version you can torrent

It works pretty well
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if you have garageband (mac only... sorry) autotune is easy. idk if you can get it on windows. sorry if this is no help

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