so i bought a peavey triple x from the us where appliances run off a 110v power output. instead of changing the whole transformer in the amp to work on my australian 240v power, i was goign to just buy a step down transformer to use. has anyone ever done this? or more so, are these things safe to use on a regular basis?

only reason im doing this is because its like $300 to get the transformer in the amp changed, and im sure these guys only pay like 80 - 100 for the transformer itself, i just have no idea where to buy one from.

any help on the topic is appreciated.
I don't know a lot, but I've heard cheap ones can kill the amp, so don't cheap out. I'd send the mod roc a pm since he's very knowledgeable about this kind of thing.
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I've been using a transformer with my B-52 for years. I got it in the USA, then I moved to the Netherlands.

They speak the truth, don't get the cheapest one you can find. It adds noise and hisses and pops.

Get a decent quality one with enough juice and you'll be good to go.
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as long as you get a decent quality transformer that is made for higher end appliances, you should be fine. that $20 one at the discount store isnt really going to cut it, but if you find a nicer converter than i would think it would be fine. if you dont travel at all and this amp is going to stay in australia full time, i would probably just save up and have the internal transformer changed. its probably a better option in the long run.
yeh i think ill get it changed in the end, but for now i might just get a 500 watt step down transformer. i also wanna be able to make sure it works when i get it, not after ive had it tampered with and what not ay. thanks for the info dudez.