Ok I am about to buy a strat, and I am having a hard time choosing.

i am stuck between choosing the Fender Deluxe Powerhouse Stratocaster at $615


the Fender Standard HSS Stratocaster at $400 if i got this one i would swap the humbucker for dirty fingers humbucker

i play rock, punk, alternitive, and some metal everynow and then (ik that metal isnt best played on a strat too)

please give me your opinion thanks
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Ideally you would try a guitar out before buying it.

do this!!!! id never ever buy a guitar without first playing them....
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I'd go with the second one and set it up for coil-tapping.

It can already be coil-tapped.
I'm looking at the powerhouse strat myself. It looks like a nice beast to be honest. I'm not sure how authentically strat the pickups would sound, but I like the idea of more versatility with that Mid Boost.
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I'd get the HSS strat. For the price of the HSS strat you could even buy an EQ pedal that would get you more mid boost for cheaper than just the powerhouse, and you get a humbucker.