So I get these emails every now and then at my college email account from these places like http://www.paidsurveyszone.com/.

I have heard from a co-worker that you actually can make a good amount of money from those, but my instinct is telling me this place has scam written all over it. Theres a 30$ join fee(I guess thats how they make all their money) and then you supposedly can just do surveys for big companies and they will pay you. Anyone had any experience with these?
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Not that site,but pm me for some sites that really work.

I got banned once for "advertising" these sites so pm's are best.
some of them do pay you, but they are very selective about demographics, and also never ign up for any that want you to give them money.
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my friend has made a ton of money from those things, but I have no idea how he does it. he showed me some of the checks that the companies have sent to him
It's not a scam if you don't pay for it.

Therefore, the inverse of that is incredibly true.
I've done that. But I've never paid anyone or anything to take a survey.

Usually what you are paid in is e-gift cards though.

And if it's being sent to your college e-mail account then something must be fishy with that college's budget.
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Not really like that but I did some to get xbox credits before.

Long story short, you can make 10x the amount working a regular job in what time to pay ratio you get from these stupid sites.