i've read about this before and thought it was really funny and interesting, but have never heard it done before. is there some way I can set up an electric guitar and amp to do this purposely?
Well some pedals seem to have an effect on it, as well as the amp and your location. I heard if you don't trim the excess string when you change strings, you can have a higher chance of picking up radio frequencies. Maybe try putting aluminum foil on your headstock?

wait an aluminum foil hat as well.....

I actually dont know, but good question, that would be really cool to be able to do it when you want
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Wireless receiver to your amp.

Worked for Nigel.
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High gain pedal with a guitar that can't handle it does it

Like a hollowbody or a single coil strat

I was the king of doing this when I played a SS state amp.
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I remember the story about Jimmy Page's doubleneck being called 'the antenna' because it did that.

Maybe try that?
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I remember the story about Jimmy Page's doubleneck being called 'the antenna' because it did that.

Maybe try that?

Sounds like you should try getting a big long piece of aluminum foil and securing it to your headstock.
woah this just happened to me. I was playing my SG in my upstairs family room and i was too lazy to cut the strings and im hearing sum easy listening thru my amp. I was about to post this question and then i searched and found this
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I hate when you're in the middle of a break and the amp/guitar catches some random German radio station!

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it happen all the time for when i play gigs outdoors or when i use my friends' Bogner Uberschall.
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