Recently I Purchased the Whammy 4 and have made Audio Clips for you UG!

Testing my new harm on izer : Harmonizer test (all of it is in 5ths)
At the end i did the 12th fret of each string alone.
Then i did all together.
This was to point out the whammy4 isnt GREAT at harmonizing multiple notes at once.

vgefbef is testing the octave down function to see if it really sounded like a bass guitar.
Its actually very nice
Only on the bottom 4 strings though.
The top two strings are too sterile toned in this mode.

octave test is a test on the octave down function.
Its good for a non polyphonic octave effect.

Drop tune is testing the drop tune function.
Im just doing a lasting note then turning it on and off.

fhffjhf is a test of the 5ths then the 6ths then the 7ths then the 3rds harmonizer settings.

Ok? Where's the clips?

And also... i don't know of any harmonizer that's good with chords to be honest.
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