I'm self taught so I don't know anything about strings letter or whatever.

I'm trying to tune my Alexi-600 (SE =D) with original floyd rose to what I believe is drop C (6th string 2 tunes down, rest 1 in "D" I guess)... But after I'm done tuning the thick one and begin proceeding with other string, the thickest one detune...

Seriously don't know what to do and I'm using Zakk Wylde strings (hate them, but the shop dude wanted me to buy these and I'm an idiot.)

I think it has to do with floyd rose... anyone can help me? I got a not so cool suggestion to put woodblocks behing my tremolo bridge... but before I was able to do it...

Sorry for my low level English, I'm French Canadian.
You will not be able to tune down with a floyd rose unless you adjust the tremolo springs in the back of the guitar. You will find that it will be impossible for you to switch tunings without making adjustments. If you want to tune down, use heavier gauge strings and loosen the tremolo springs. Ask a guitar tech to explain it to you; its actually very simple to do. I suggest doing a bit of research on floyd rose's before you start messing around with it.

btw - We've got the same guitar
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Going to Drop C tuning with a floyd rose styled bridge will be impossible without large amounts of adjusting the bridge tension and string intonation.
Ahaha hell yeah, beast, isn't it?

But what I can't understand is that when I had thin strings (ernie ball or DR Idk the ones who came with the guitaR) I had no problem with that...

Will try it tomorrow, now I'm gonna have to sleep ^^

Thank you man
thx to you too highPotency, but then, why could I do it some time ago? with my origin string? I'm gonna try it and logically, it's going to work (I dunno a **** about how guitar works, I just learned to grab and pick strings lol)

I will do it later and keep you guys in info... And I'll ask the Alexi's seller about the strings too, and how she (yeah she, ans she's ****ing amazing, type "niki xiphos" on youtube) made her ajustment with it.

thanks again.
Check the stickied FR setup guide.
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