hey all, i thought i had decided on getting a prs SE singlecut as my new guitar, but i had an idea that ive been toying around with for a little while. i really like the les paul shape (which i why i went for the singlecut in the first place) and i came across this


and i have an 80s/90s jackson that i have laying around that im trying to restore. i was thinking about buying a set of semour duncan pickups for the les paul and putting the emg's in the jackson eventually b/c i would like my main guitar to be pretty versitile, but i would love to have the jackson for my metal itch i get from time to time (i would buy a set of seymour duncans for the agile).

my question is, are the features on the 2500 THAT much different than the 3000's and the 3100's that are essentially the same price sans the emg's?
thanks! but does anyone have any experience with both the 2500's and 3000's? knowing the specs is nice, but it would be great to know from someone with first hand experience.
My bro has a 3100. I haven't tried a 2500 myself, but from what a lot of people on the Agile forums and such say, the 3100 is a significant upgrade. The stock pups in the 3000's are actually quite nice. Not the highest output, but they are nice and warm and thick sounding. Maybe not the best for metal, but they are serviceable for sure and would be more than good enough for a 2nd axe. Oh, and BTW you are going to want to go with Blackouts over EMG's. They are MUCH better.
is the playability of the 2500 and 3100 that much different even if i upgrade the pickups in the 2500 to seymour duncans and swap the emg's to another guitar (like i stated before)? i know stock, the 3100 blows away the 2500 but, i was just wondering if there was still that much of a difference if i swapped the pickups