Well, lately, for around the past week, i havent had a single bit of motivation to play my guitar. I have been playing for 3 months, not a few riffs, but don't know one single song, never really got to finishing it. Anyone of u ever been in that situation, where you just have no motivation to play? i have played, just practicing a few scales, doing some random stuff, improvising with songs (i do that often now a days), but nothing that really helped me. My skill hasn't gone up at all, and im just in a rut.

Post if you ever were in my positions (or not), and perhaps give a few suggestions.

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What kind of music do you play?
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i was, and if you keep trying to play everyday, then you'll get better. It does take a really long time, and i think every player has that phase in their learning wherer it seems hopeless. My best advice to you is learn any songs that you really like and just do anything to keep the guitar in your hands if you really like playing. The more you play, the more new things you'll discover.
Listen to your favorite type of music, and step up to the bat and challenge your self to learn the kind of music you like, or something months ago you though, "NO WAY!"
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I've had spells of low motivation before. In those times, don't practice scales or whatnot. Just... play whatever the hell you want to You should just play for pure enjoyment in those times. It boosts your morale right up there.
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I learned easy easy fun songs.

Like nirvana and blink 182 stuff.

And recently I've been ska-punking popular rap songs, it's fun.
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Fender Hot Rod Deville 410
Fender Telecaster Blacktop
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look mate you obviously have improved because your improvising which is very good to be doing at only 3 months
me myself have only been playing for 4-5 months
do any of your friends play guitar if so talk about it
i was starting to lose motivation about last month so i purchased some dvd's so i could learn some new songs and techniques
i went over the top a bit by getting a jimi hendrix dvd on how to play 5 of his songs but i can now play 3 of them(including the solo) .
also try joining a band or if not just find someone to jam with.

p.s. have a look at lick library dvd's for learning new things its all very well explained by expert teachers.
There's a thread somewhere in here that helps with exactly what you're talking about (i'll post a link in a bit if i can find it).

I recommend not playing AT ALL. Do this for a week or two and when you go back to playing you'll probably enjoy it more. Also, check out new music, particularly artists that you never really listen to. If you like metal, check out some acoustic stuff; if you're into indie, try some metal. Stay away from what you normally play/listen to for a bit. If you don't want to stop playing for a long time, why don't you just sit down and learn an easy song? Grab your acoustic and learn something like "Wonderwall" or "About a Girl" that only involves chords.

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hmmm, i usually listen to foo fighters, O.A.R, classic rock, unfortunatly i dont have an acoustic, and im thinking of learning one, by metallica