Hi, i'm a new member to the board. Been playing for about 7 weeks. I am still learning chords so I don't have them yet for this song.

I wrote this song about my ex-girlfriend. She's the only girl I ever loved. I didn't want to start writing love songs so this will probably be the only one for a while! Besides, I don't want all my music to sound depressing. Anyway....

I wrote this because we've been broken up for a few years and we're not close anymore, and I've made several attempts to get together just to hang out and it's like pulling teeth. We've only hung out a few times over the last few years (all my idea) and I kept asking myself questions and whether it was even worth it to have her in my life.

The lyrics are over half-done so please give me feedback and let me know if it's worth finishing.



I can't help it, I think about you every day..
and all the good times we had.. but anyway....
what does it matter? all that's white has turned to grey...
and I looked around but, nobody else could take your place.
I said that I loved you, but I guess it was too late...
you had already made up your mind, there's no chance it would change.


I wish I could read your mind, to always know what you're thinking -.
and i'm not afraid to ask, "why can't I stop drinking???"
so tell me, Where did I go wrong, that I had to write this song?
And why am I so sad when I know that you aren't?.......
Why can't we go back in time? Why can't we do it all again?
Why did I have that talk with you that caused it all to end.
and where are you right now, and are you with someone new?...
If I have so many questions... am I better off without you?


I couldn't take it.. I had to move away...
then I started to drink, and things were not the same.
I cried every single night, and I wasn't in my own bed,
I wished that I could go back in time, and undo what I said.
I layed by my phone at night, and waited for your call,
and all I needed was to hear your voice, so that I could fall..... asleep... so tell me..


Why did you take me back, and then dump me all over again?
and why did twist the knife when you took all my friends?


I started to work out, but I would have anyway...
sure I had hopes, you'd admire my 6 pack one day...
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