Chasing Clocks

Verse 1

Clocks keep ticking life away
Lovers have wandered astray
Politicians gone corrupt
But they don’t speak for us

Memories that fall like leaves
Fog that drowns your dreams
Walls that fall like dominoes
Clocks that mock the path you chose

Verse 2

Clocks keep taking more and more
Time has closed the door
Prophets say they hold the key
But for doors that you can’t see

Hearts that come to love too late
Angels who refuse to wait
Fortune has left you for good
Clocks that mock 'you did what you could'

This is my first attempt, but don't be nice. I want to get better and I know this isn't all that great so give me some ideas on how to improve! I'm trying to find where the bridge & outros will fit musically into this piece, so I still have some writing to do.