I need some I guess pirate like rings for Halloween. I'm making a home made pirate costume and I want several rings to wear on my hand. I heard Hot Topic might have some. What are your suggestions? They need to be cheapish I guess to and be like real rings, not rings with little pirate skulls on them or whatever.
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Personally I'd just use like, gold foil from a chocolate bar wrapper or something. I wouldn't go out of my way just to get rings, a minor component of a pirate's ensemble.
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I agree with using foil, metal rings can get expensive, especially if you're buying multiple.
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You should get wenches, too. Lots of wenches is what you need.

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TS, try hot topic. But be warned; it will expensive there. I can't think of any1 else who'd sell the type of rings you're lookin for. Good luck, man.
Hot Topic is pretty much amazing.

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You should get wenches, too. Lots of wenches is what you need.

I want more wenches
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I want more wenches
Lots of wenches is what I need
There's none of those little 25 cent machines near you with those little fake rings?

Party supplies stores that sell accessories?
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