well based off looks a i havent played them the custom by miles
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Do not get the Studio or Epi if you are considering a Standard or Traditional or classic style of design.
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If you get a Studio, buy one from a store that you have played. They have terrible QC, trying them at a store renders this moot.

But if you're just going to order one of those, the Epi + hot rodding it is the best bet.

Really, I wouldn't get a Gibson/Epiphone if I were you. Edwards FTW.
You dont have to buy a Gibson to get a good sounding Les Paul. Epiphone's have the closest shape to Gibsons, but some of them just dont play well ( quality control issues in china ). Look into Burny, Tokai, Agile, Orville ( aka MIJ Gibson at a lower price), etc, they may or are play better than a 2,000 dollar Gibson. Just swap the pickups and you got yourself a good Les Paul with some excess money to spare.
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