I saw some guy perform at a university and he did something totally insane. He did some completely amazing stuff. He answered questions that people wrote on papers without looking at them, he could guess their name, and practically anything about them, and he had seven people pick envelopes with numbers in them and then he had someone pick a random number out of a phonebook and let the people arrange themselves how they wanted and the numbers in the envelopes made the number that the one person picked out. While those things, especially the last one, were entirely amazing, they were just extremely impressive tricks.
But he did do two things that seemed like they weren't tricks. He had the entire audience focus on bending a spoon and it actually bent. also He had two people hold up fluorescent lights and had them focus on a pocket watch, and turn their gaze to the lights while focusing on lighting them up with their 'energy' or whatever, at the same as the audience 'focused' on lighting them, and not only did the lights go on, but it seemed like they flickered with the participants eyes blinking.
The only explanation that comes close to logical is that the audience's energy actually affected the spoons and lights. I thought I would share this to see if anyone else has seem anything similar or has an explanation. His name was Chris Carter http://www.mindcramp.com/main.html
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I always put a spoon on top of the tv when Uri Geller's on, it never bends.

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