ok first i'll explain my setup so that you can better understand where im coming from and help,i have a vox T-60 bass amp and a fender jazz bass,i like playing alternative and grunge,now my question is,what would be a good EQ setup for the music i play?i have my treble and high-mids at 6 and my bass and low-mids at 10,so is this a good EQ setup,and if not then what would be?i want to get a good tone for nirvana/pixies/foo fighters/rage against the machine type stuff.any help would be much appreciated
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set your EQ flat, shape your tone to your liking from there

a little goes a long way with EQ
Boost those mids. For a Timmy C sound I boost the lows to 3 o'clock, low mids at half past 2, high mids at 1 o'clock and highs at 2 o'clock.
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